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My name is Ellis Hein and I am the originator of the turnings you will find on this website. Thank you for visiting.

The words of the old Shaker Hymn, Simple Gifts, really do express the experience of woodturning. "...To turn, to turn will be our delight. For by turning, turning we come round right."

Someone once asked me where the fun was in standing for hours over a spinning piece of wood making chips fly. Well, you probably realize that the fun is not in the chips but in what you leave behind. Making a beautiful turning is very gratifying, but that object continues to attract attention. Your joy in the turning continues beyond the act of creating it.

...the fun is not in the chips but in what you leave behind.
Learning to turn, like any other aspect of woodworking, requires an investment. It is not enough to have the greatest tools if you do not spend the time developing your technique. Many turners teach proper use of the tools. If you are a beginner or professional, you can gain by seeing what others are doing. As a beginner, you will want to learn as much as you can about the correct way to use the gouge, the skew, etc. But the time comes when you must learn your way from the tool itself.

Once you have the basics of tool use in hand. You can begin to shift to learning your style. This process involves repeatedly turning a particular object, much like a musician practices a pet piece.

...it is my familiarity with the teardrop that gives my turnings their graceful lines.
Learning to reproduce any given shape can be rewarding one day and frustrating the next. When I can freely swing the gouge to produce the curve I want, I know that I have the shape under my fingers. When I rigidly try to get the curve just right, it never comes. The purpose of the practice piece is to get thoroughly familiar with your chosen shape. Use it to also learn the approach that transcends the disappointments and frustrations and allows your style to flow into the turning.

Look at the art that has been treasured for centuries, and you will find a simplicity of line that combines a short radius curve and a longer radius curve. This makes the teardrop shape good choice for practicing. Perhaps, more than anything else, it is my familiarity with the teardrop that gives my turnings their graceful lines.

I hope you enjoy your wanderings through the Simple Gifts gallery.

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